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Assorted pills and supplements in varying colors.

What vitamins should I take before major surgery?

Q: I am going in for major surgery (hysterectomy repair and abdominal hernia) soon. What vitamins can I take?

A:  You are...

Young pot-bellied pig (black-and-white) standing on hay

Can I give ibuprofen or aspirin to a pig in pain?

Q: Can I give a pot-bellied pig ibuprofen, or is a buffered aspirin better?

A: I am sorry to tell you that human NSAID...

Young man with a black-and-white kitten on his shoulder.

Arm mobility tips for treating a shoulder with bursitis

November 02, 2012

Q: I was recently diagnosed with bursitis in my right shoulder. Can you tell me if it's better to keep my arm mobile or to immobilize it...

Woman riding a bike on country road.

I injured my knee on a bike ride. Did I tear my ACL?

Q: I had ACL surgery three months ago. While bike riding yesterday, I heard my knee pop and shift slightly. There was really no pain, and...

Closeup of a miniature poodle on a coach

Is children's ibuprofen OK for my poodle?

September 20, 2012

Q: Is it OK to give my 18-year-old mini poodle children's liquid ibuprofen? She has genetic spine problems and it's been hard to crunch up...

Closeup of a brownish mosquito.

What can I do to treat West Nile virus infection?

Q: My adult daughter has just been diagnosed with West Nile from a mosquito bite. She has been ill for about 2 weeks. What would you...