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Front view of a golden-colored dog lying on its belly.

My dog ate ibuprofen; should I be concerned?

April 04, 2013

Q: We suspect our dog, Buddy, ate ibuprofen. He is a 3-year-old mixed breed at about 40 lbs. He ate 200 mg dosage. He has thrown up but...

Palm of hand holding different kinds of pills (5)

What can ease pain, aid sleep for people with shingles?

Q: My husband, 79, was recently diagnosed with shingles, and the doctor prescribed Acyclovir. Calamine lotion seems to be helping with the...

Young pot-bellied pig (black-and-white) standing on hay

Can I give ibuprofen or aspirin to a pig in pain?

Q: Can I give a pot-bellied pig ibuprofen, or is a buffered aspirin better?

A: I am sorry to tell you that human NSAID...

Closeup of a miniature poodle on a coach

Is children's ibuprofen OK for my poodle?

September 20, 2012

Q: Is it OK to give my 18-year-old mini poodle children's liquid ibuprofen? She has genetic spine problems and it's been hard to crunch up...