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Choose a mom-pleasing gift this Mother’s Day

Choose a mom-pleasing gift this Mother’s Day

If you're wondering how to treat your mom on Mother's Day, look beyond buying flowers, chocolates, or sending a card. Everyone wants to do right...

Spring Gardening

Spring gardening has arrived

By finn on March 17, 2015

Unless there’s seven feet of snow on the ground where you live, if you’re a gardener, you’re probably itching to get out in the yard and start...

Prepping your home and garden for the arriving of fall

By Jessica on September 02, 2014

The days are starting to shorten and the evenings might be chillier than just a week ago. In no time, the leaves will be changing and we...

Three yellow roses as part of a shrub.

How do I get shrub roses ready for winter?

October 15, 2012

Q: How do I prepare shrub roses for winter?

A: Shrub roses need very little winter protection. Perhaps add about 4 inches...

Cherry tomato plant with tomatoes, drying leaves.

How to save a tomato plant with browning leaves

September 07, 2012

Q: I think I have over-fed my tomato plant with too much nitrogen. The leaves are browning and falling off. What can I do to reverse this...

Burning bush at the side of a house.  (Photo: Flickr/Jim Holmes)

How to prune a burning bush in summer

August 02, 2012

Q: I have burning bushes that grow along the back of my house, and they've become overgrown. I've heard that you can't prune in the summer...