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JustAnswer Immigration Help

JustAnswer Immigration Help

By finn on December 08, 2015

Hear what Sonja Lutz (a JustAnswer Employee) has to say about going through the immigration process and how she used JustAnswer.

Question: What’s your name and job title at JustAnswer?

Answer: Hi my name is Sonja and I currently work at JustAnswer as the director of international.

Question: What’s your immigration status?

Answer: My current status is I am a green card holder, married to an American, but I am German.

Question: What’s the hardest part of the United States’s immigration process.

Answer: The hardest part of getting a green card and going through the process as a foreigner is even when you have someone taking your hand and telling you what to do, it takes weeks, and days, and $1000s of dollars to figure out what to do at the right time and really make no mistakes; because the big mistakes are really going to get you in trouble and delay everything.

Question: How does it make you feel to work at a place that is working to simplify and make this process affordable?

Answer: Knowing how hard it is to go through the process to then also be accepted legally in a country, I really appreciate I have the opportunity to get to work in a place to help other people, to make a difference in life, to make life easier, and be a partner for life.  

 Find out more about how to get through the immigration process by speaking with a legal expert on JustAnswer.