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Sweet Hearts

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Dealing with Valentine's Day

By CoachJenK on February 10, 2014

Valentine’s Day brings up feelings of desire, love, flowers, chocolates and romance.  Unfortunately, this one day can also be the cause of stress and sadness.  There are several reasons why this day can be fraught with such stress and tension, and the biggest reason is that men and women may...

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How do I convince my husband to attend religious services with me?

By Jessica on December 10, 2013

Q: My husband refuses to go to any religious services with me, especially during the holidays. After so many years of marriage, I didn't realize how much it would bother me. It makes me feel lonely, especially around this time of year.  My religion is important to me and I worry how his...

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It’s Holiday Party Time: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Or is it?

By CoachJenK on December 10, 2013

Holiday time is upon us and it comes with many wonderful events, parties and family get togethers.  We look forward to this time each year, but are often caught in situations that present itself with difficulties.  If the holiday season is supposed to be a time of cheer and joy, then why can it...

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3 most common mistakes of newly married couples

By Tom Musbach on September 19, 2013

With nearly half of all first-time marriages in the United States ending in divorce, it's clear that many couples are making some serious mistakes when getting married.

Could some of those mistakes, especially common ones, be avoided?

Three relationship-counseling Experts on...

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How do I cope after being dumped?

Q: I have been in a committed relationship for 3 years. I am 60; he is 69. He dumped me a month ago for a woman he was engaged to 45 years ago and married her immediately. I was blind-sided and broken-hearted. How do I cope?

A: That's as cruel as it gets. That man's heart...

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7 signs that a couple is ready to tie the knot

By Tom Musbach on September 11, 2013

Knowing when the time is right to commit to marriage -- whether you pop the question or consider accepting a proposal -- is never easy. But several clues about the state of your relationship can help guide that decision.

In fact, a marriage proposal may not be a decisive sign. "A proposal...

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Post-hookup dilemma: Does he pity me?

Q: A few years ago, I began a friends-with-benefits relationship. I eventually got attached and it ended on a weird note (at least for me). We ran into each other a few times and it was fine. The last few times, though, we did hook up. Recently, I texted him late to ask what he was doing...

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My husband hid his ex-fiancee. Should I be mad?

Q: I have been happily married to my husband for 8 months now. I stumbled upon some information recently from a very reliable source saying he was engaged before in his relationship prior to ours, but he never disclosed this to me. Should I feel angry about this? I feel cheated in some...

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What is the gentlest way to end a dating relationship?

Q: I've been dating this woman (we're both 25) for nearly 2 months now; we've had at least 20 dates. How can I break up with her in the most polite and non-hurtful way possible? I've been confused as to why things have gone at snail speed physically, which I expressed to her. She said...

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Are there guidelines for planning a second wedding?

Q: I am a widow trying to plan my second marriage. The children are grown and happy for me. We are having a civil ceremony with an intimate dinner of 10. What are the guidelines? What should my attire be? Is it OK to have my best friend -- not my sister -- be a witness? Any help would be...