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How does one procure a bag of blood?

By Jessica on October 30, 2014

At JustAnswer we believe in providing access to Experts to any and all needing help or assistance. With Halloween approaching, we wanted to present to you one of the more unusual requests for help we have received. Read on to learn more about HVV.

All sorts of ‘people...

Welcome to the New JustAnswer Blog!

By Jessica on July 31, 2014

On the JustAnswer blog we hope to educate our readers with information pertinent to all areas of their lives. Since 2003, we have been helping people get the information they need, from experts they trust but we haven’t improved the experience found here on our blog.

We are...

Got a holiday question? Ask Santa!

December 05, 2013

Every year, Santa and JustAnswer team up to answer burning questions about the mysterious man in red. Check out last year's questions below - or ask your own on ...

Access to Justice Fundraiser at JustAnswer

November 25, 2013

JustAnswer was excited to host a recent fundraiser for ResponsiveLaw.org, a national nonprofit organization working to make the civil legal system more affordable and accessible at our San Francisco headquarters.

For the past ten years, JustAnswer has aimed to make legal information and...

Veterans Day: Tips for Sending Military Care Packages

November 11, 2013

Veteran’s Day is a day of remembrance. It’s a day to honor and cherish the memory of those fallen in service, and a day to appreciate those that risk their lives for the United States every day.  This Veteran’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to recognize those people behind the scenes that...

JustAnswer hosts Oasis for Girls

October 24, 2013

Here at JustAnswer, we’re used to showing Experts, reporters and job candidates around our office, but recently we were thrilled to host a group of San Francisco high school girls for a tour. As part of an afterschool program in SOMA called SF Oasis for Girls, our guests were exploring what it's...

Large black puppy on a sunny green lawn.

Sheba enjoying dry ground. (Photo: Adam Cohen)

Driving home, Cohen helps save dog from drowning

Adam Cohen may have the most unusual commute to work at JustAnswer, but his ride home on Monday, August 12, was also life-saving.

While driving with a coworker across San Francisco Bay in his inflatable boat, he helped rescue a puppy that was found paddling about 3 miles from the Berkeley...

Black-and-white photo of Jen K. with tree in the background.

Jen K.

Profiles in caring: Jen Kelman

Jen ("CoachJenK" onsite) is a licensed Master Social Worker, a certified life coach, author, and entrepreneur. She also is a featured Expert on the JustAnswer Relationship Care Package.

Her wise and practical approach to...

Headshot of Kate McCoy, with full bookshelf behind her.

Kate McCoy, M.Ed.

Profiles in caring: Kate McCoy

Kate McCoy has a master's degree in counseling (M.Ed.), and she's also one of the featured caring Experts in the JustAnswer Relationship Care Package.

Below she shares some helpful insights about romance and making...

Headshot of Rafael Morales, wearing glasses.

Profiles in caring: Rafael Morales

Rafael Morales is a Expert integral psychotherapist and psychologist, and he is one of the featured caring Experts in the JustAnswer Relationship Care Package.

His answers to the questions below reveal fine insights into...