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Woman dealing with walking pneumonia symptoms

Some walking pneumonia symptoms will resemble those of the common cold.

Everything you should know about walking pneumonia

What, why, where, when and how: Answers for all your walking pneumonia questions

Most of us experience coughing and other cold symptoms on multiple occasions throughout the year. We don’t always take care of it, however, and many a time we tend to ignore the common cold...

Online doctor visit - woman and cat using computer

For most pet owners, an online doctor visit for their four-legged friend can't wait until Monday.

Online doctor visit: For people, it can wait until Monday

But when it comes to pets, that online doctor visit is happening ASAP!

JustAnswer’s data tells a lot of interesting stories. Some of the data shows pretty much what you might predict, such as higher traffic to our car Experts on...



How to get rid of bruises fast

When you need to know how to get rid of bruises, there are many household items that can help with bruise removal

A bruise occurs when you receive trauma to the skin. It results in pain and tenderness, and a visible discoloration to the area. They are very common, typically don’...

It's the ingredients inside an energy drink that really matter...

It's the ingredients inside an energy drink that really matter...

How bad are energy drinks?

By Tristan Hoag on April 03, 2018

To answer the question ‘how bad are energy drinks’, you need to look at what's in them, and what they can do to your body.

Whether you're looking at a row of oversized cans in the refrigerated section of your local store, or the mini bottles by the register, energy drinks are...