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Which brake pads should I buy for a Dodge Journey?

Black Dodge Journey in a parking lot with vineyard in the background.

Dodge Journey (Photo: Flickr/Glen MacLarty)

Which brake pads should I buy for a Dodge Journey?

May 07, 2013

Q: I am having a friend change the brake pads on my 2009 Dodge Journey. I am unsure what type to purchase and if there is anything additional we should know about changing them.

A: On this vehicle, the best type of brake pad to use will be "Ceramic." The ceramic pads use ceramic compounds and copper fibers instead of the semi-metallic pad's steel fibers. It makes for a longer-lasting brake pad. These brake pads should be readily available at any local parts store.

As for the "brand name" -- there are many brands of brake pads to choose from. You want to lean more towards the "better quality" pads like "Wagner ThermoQuiet" or "Bendix CQ ceramic." Like anything else, you get what you pay for -- so just stay away from "economy" versions and you should be just fine.

As for anything to watch out for --  no, not really. Front disc brake systems have basically remained very similar to the way they have always been. If you have had previous experience on replacing front brake pads, then there shouldn't be a problem at all. All makes and models use very similar brake set-ups. So if you've seen and done one, you can handle just about any others!

-- Answer from Ron Z., a Dodge diagnostics specialist on JustAnswer.

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