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When to separate baby finches from their parents

Baby finch with few feathers, sitting in a human hand.

This baby finch still needs its parents. (Photo: Flickr/Audrey)

When to separate baby finches from their parents

October 16, 2012

Q: I have 5 new baby finches. They have left the nest and seem to be feeding themselves, however they aren't flying. Should I move them to a separate cage?

A: Baby finches go through several stages of development. They are fledglings when they come out of the nest. At that point, they learn to fly and eat, but still depend on their parents.

Whey they are flying well, and eating on their own, they are considered juvenile. Then the parents till probably stop feeding them, and may even peck them to chase them away. That's the minimum age for removing them from their parents.

Many finch breeders like to keep the juveniles in a cage together -- separate from the parents -- until they undergo their first molt to adult plumage. Your babies don't sound like they are quite old enough to go to their own cage just yet. I would give them more time with their parents.

-- Answer from Anna N., biologist on JustAnswer.

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