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What's a safe way to clean mold off blinds?

Don't expect your cat to help.

What's a safe way to clean mold off blinds?

June 21, 2012

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Q: How do I clean blinds that have mold on them without destroying the blind? (These are room-darkening blinds.)

A: The product you want to get is MoldSTAT Plus. It has just recently become available at most Lowe's stores, but you can also order it online.

If you are talking about minor mildew (which is also a form of mold), you can often just spray on the MoldSTAT Plus. It will kill the mildew, and you can leave it on as is. If, however, after the MoldSTAT Plus kills the mildew there is unacceptable residue on the blinds, you will have to go back and wipe each blind by hand with damp cloth, not unlike dusting.

Do not use bleach, as it will rot the cording.

-- Answer from Eric M. Bright, contractor and home improvement Expert on JustAnswer.