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What's best for cleaning worn leather car seats?

Leather car seats (credit: Flickr/jessicafm)

What's best for cleaning worn leather car seats?

Tom Musbach

By Tom Musbach on May 11, 2012

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Q: The leather driver's seat in my Toyota Sienna is dirty and looks like it's going to crack. Is there a cream or solution for cleaning it that will help give the leather a longer life?

A: Here are two recommendations:

If you have a Majestic Solutions distributor in your area, then this would be a good place to purchase cleaning and treatment solutions. These are the chemicals most commonly found at dealers and at high-end detail shops; however, the chemicals are very pricey.

If you want to find a solution at your local parts store, the best product you can commonly find is made by Lexol. They make a cleaner and a protectant solution (2 separate bottles), and this will not dry your leather out when you clean it, as other solutions may do.

-- Answer from ImportDoctor, a car-care Expert on JustAnswer.