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What is my 'Night Before Christmas' from 1938 worth?

Teen-age boy reading a book near a lit, heavily decorated Christmas tree.

A good Christmas read. (Photo: Flickr/stuartpilbrow)

What is my 'Night Before Christmas' from 1938 worth?

December 06, 2012

Q: I was left a copy of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clark Moore from my late uncle. It was published by Rand McNally in 1939, illustrated by Clarence Biers. Copyright is 1938, but the edition says 1939. The book is in fair to good condition; is there any value to this edition?

A: I have seen a few copies of this lately. The 1939 edition you have is worth $65 in mint condition, $50 in good condition, and $40 in fair condition.

I hope this helps in valuing the copy you have. For reference, "mint" is as if it was never opened or read. "Good" is slight usage and wear; "fair" shows more wear and age. You may get $25 for a very worn copy.

-- Answer from Tanya L., antiques appraiser on JustAnswer.

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