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What is the best small car from 2010?

Honda Civic: One choice for a good used car.

What is the best small car from 2010?

Tom Musbach

By Tom Musbach on June 15, 2012

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Q: What is the best small car from 2010? I want to buy a "gently used" car and am considering whether or not to go with a hybrid. I'd like it to be reliable, economical, fun to drive, with a manual transmission. What do you suggest?

A: Everyone is going to have a different opinion on this, but you can't go wrong with a Honda Accord or Civic, depending on how small a car you want. The Honda Fit is a good car, and it's highly rated. If you maintain it even close to what the manufacturer recommends, it will last a very long time with virtually no repair issues, in most cases.

As far as a hybrid goes, when you factor in the additional cost of purchase and maintenance, you need to own it for 5-7 years before your fuel savings saves enough to cover the other higher costs of purchase and maintenance.

-- Answer provided by Neal F., a car specialist on JustAnswer.