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What are the best anti-aging products to use?

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What are the best anti-aging products to use?

October 02, 2012

Q: What are the best anti-aging products to use? Every brand says they are the best. I want a good anti-aging skincare system that I can use long-term (I'm 35) to help reduce lines and tone skin. I've heard that products with retinols are good.

A: At your age, creams and makeup are probably all you require. I advise to avoid excess exposure to the sun or any harsh makeup, as they tend to dry, age, and wrinkle the skin.

Retin-A or Renova are good products that reduce fine wrinkles, but it takes 6 months or longer to show results and can cause slight peeling or redness (if in the sun), so moisturizers and sunscreen are helpful.  These products require a prescription but are the best.

Retinols and Vitamin C products will cause gentle peeling and help reduce wrinkles with less side effects and are over-the-counter.

Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and some cosmetologists (often at the makeup counter at department stores) are good sources to evaluate your particular needs.

-- Answer from Dr. Herb Goldberg, plastic surgeon on JustAnswer.

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