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Ways to make Windows 8 look more like Windows 7

The opening screen for Windows 8.

Ways to make Windows 8 look more like Windows 7

April 26, 2013

Q: I'm an 82-year-old user of a Dell Windows 7 computer and have just bought an HP Windows 8 computer but don't like the configuration. Can I convert it to look and act like the Windows 7 configuration?

A: Many users don't like the new Start screen that Windows 8 comes with. There is a way to make Windows 8 look more like Windows 7, but you will need to download and install some tools that change the default view of Windows 8.

In order to skip the new "metro style" screen and go directly to the traditional desktop you should download and install the tool "Skip Metro Suite" from this site. After installation, launch the program and verify that "Skip Start Screen" is ticked.

To restore the classic Start menu you will need the tool "Classic Shell," which can be downloaded here. Once installed, you'll see the Start button appear -- click this to open the Settings menu and pick your Start menu design. Click OK and your new Start menu is ready to go.

You can also find a good tutorial here, including screen shots of the required steps for transforming Windows 8 into Windows 7 look.

-- Answer from Thomas E., computer specialist on JustAnswer.

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