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Tricks to keep raccoons away from your home

Coyote standing in the grass, glaring menacingly at the camera.

Good luck collecting a specimen from this coyote. (Photo: Flickr/Bill Weaver)

Tricks to keep raccoons away from your home

October 29, 2012

Q: Does coyote urine keep raccoons away?

A: Any predator urine -- especially male predator urine -- will tend to keep raccoons away, for a while at least. Once the raccoons get used to it and see no coyotes, they will be back if there is food, water, or shelter available.

The best measures are screening them out of sleeping places, and making no food available. Or you could use a BB gun or motion-sensing night lights to scare them off.

-- Answer from Phil T., a contractor on JustAnswer.

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