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Top study tips for success on taking the GRE

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Top study tips for success on taking the GRE

September 20, 2013

Q: I'm about to start studying for my GRE (I'm 25 with a few years of experience in online marketing). I have a stats background, so I'm not too worried about the math. What are some suggestions you wish you had before taking such tests?

A: As a public librarian, I often receive this question from a patron who is going to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and asks if there is any assistance the library can offer. I've researched some ideas that were published by well thought out publications that I hope can be of some assistance for when you are ready to tackle the GRE.

1. US News offers some key insights and ideas that I would give to any library patron that asks.

2. If you have already not reviewed the ETS site, it might be helpful as they offer many keys in understanding how the test works.

-- Answer from Librarian Michael, a research librarian on JustAnswer.

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