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Tips to land a job working with senior citizens

Woman in nursing home smiling and sitting with another at a table.

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Tips to land a job working with senior citizens

September 21, 2012

Q: I like working with senior citizens in a relaxed atmosphere like a nursing home. Are there any classes I should take to give me the upper hand in getting a job?

A: There are many different avenues to help you be better suited for a career working with the elderly. I will start with the easier or quicker ideas and work my way up to the longer term commitments.

1. Nursing homes love to have people on staff to help with activity planning and implementation. You can become one of these people by interviewing and showing your great ideas. In most cases creativitiy and commitment to care are the two biggest job skills the centers look for.

2. You could become a certified nurses assistant or CNA.This is a program where you learn to assist nurses in personal care of patients. This would include things like bathing, assisting in lifting, vital sign collection, just to name a few. Here is a link to the Occupational Outlook Handbook for more on that career option.

3. If you are looking to set some long-term goals as far as education is concerned, you could become a specialized therapist of one type. The most often seen in nursing home settings are Occupational Therapist (or Aide), Physical Therapist (or Assistant), as well as Recreational Therapist.

-- Answer from Kate B., jobs expert on JustAnswer.

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