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Tips for getting a same-sex marriage out of state

Female couple in park looking happy about New York's same-sex marriage law.

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Tips for getting a same-sex marriage out of state

June 17, 2013

Q: My partner and I intend to marry while in Maine next month (we both live in California), in either Brunswick or Freeport. I've read the requirements for paperwork and fees. If we come to the appropriate location to register and take out the license, may we expect that there will be someone available to perform the ceremony and that all can be completed in one visit?

A: Congratulations on your decision to get married. As out-of-state residents you would be able to complete and file your intention to get married forms in any municipality town or city clerk and also you would be able to obtain a marriage license and only will have to pay a $40 fee.

There is no waiting period for you to get married once you obtain your license, however, you might need to contact the town/city clerk where you plan to get married to make sure that a clerk who is also a notary public can officiate your marriage and issue you a marriage certificate.

Here are the links for clerks of Brunswick and also Freeport.

Currently California is one of several states that does recognize gay marriages entered into out of state and gives spouses of the same-sex marriage all the protections and rights under the law that any legal marriage would have.

-- Answer form Alex I., attorney on JustAnswer.

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