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Tips for ceiling insulation in a finished basement

View from staircase leading into a carpeted, finished basement.

Cozy finished basement. (Photo: Flickr/Sage Ross)

Tips for ceiling insulation in a finished basement

November 30, 2012

Q: My husband and son are finishing our basement. We are getting ready to insulate the ceiling for sound and fireproofing. What is the right fire/sound insulation to meet codes if we ever want to use the area for income property? (The floor joists in the basement ceiling are 2x8.)

A: You want to pack the joists with R-28 8" fiberglass batt insulation. Use faced, so that you will have something to staple to.

Then for sound and fire rating, use QuietRock ES, 525, 527 528, or 530. These meet Type X and are fire-rated as 60-minute assemblies (full scale ASTM E-119).

For sound proofing, the thicker the better. Use the thickest you can afford. Check this link. QuietRock can be purchased at Home Depot and I think also at Lowes.

Helpful hint: Saturate yourself with baby powder (arms, hands, face, and neck) before working with the insulation. This will help keep the fiberglass particles from getting into your skin and making you itch. If you do start to itch, take a cold shower, not hot.

-- Answer from Eric M. Bright, home improvement Expert on JustAnswer.

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