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International Woman's Day

International Women's Day

By satomi on January 31, 2017

International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8th celebrates women’s achievements and gender equality across the world.


Drug Test

Employer Drug Tests: Know the Facts

By finn on September 02, 2015

Are you concerned about drug testing for a current or potential employer? While in the past we might have been assured that drug testing...

College Graduation

How to successfully transition from college to work

By finn on May 21, 2015

Nothing can truly prepare a young adult for their first real job. It’s a rite of passage we all make from young adulthood to adulthood, but the...

It’s Holiday Party Time: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Or is it?

Holiday time is upon us and it comes with many wonderful events, parties and family get togethers.  We look forward to this time each year, but...

What do I do if my boss is committing fraud?

November 25, 2013

Q: I'm experiencing retaliation at work for reporting my boss for...

How do I get my boss to meet with me?

Q: I’ve sent my manager two emails now trying to arrange a meeting to review my new title, responsibilities, performance and compensation...

Young woman and man at work, sitting close and looking at the same screen.

How to handle a spouse's flirty coworker relationship

Q: My wife has a male friend at work who is touchy-feely with her (he is single), and it makes me uncomfortable. I told her this, and she...