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Your computer issues, solved

Your computer issues, solved

Whether your screen freezes or you can’t get your printer to work, laptop problems are a part of everyday life. It’s easy to panic when confronted...

New iPhone

iPhones: Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade

By finn on October 29, 2015

At the end of last month Apple announced the new release of iPhone 6 and 6s. Now that it has been a few weeks, and some bugs are getting...


True or False: A Magnet Can Destroy Your Devices

By finn on September 29, 2015

 We’re going to...

Tech Support with JustAnswer, Clean Computer

6 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Computer Clean

By finn on September 10, 2015

These six easy tips will help keep your computer run faster and more smoothly. Just like straightening up your house, or maintaining...

Online Protection

What You Should Know: Protecting Your Personal Information Online

By finn on August 25, 2015

Know the Risks: Protect Yourself Online

We invest money in security systems for our houses and cars,...

Private Browsing

True or False: Private browsing protects your privacy.

By finn on August 04, 2015

When you browse the internet you open yourself up to a multitude of privacy issues. Searching on any major search engine like FireFox,...

Power Cord

True or False: Off-brand device chargers work just as well

By finn on June 09, 2015

You run into a convenience store for something to drink and while you’re there you see an inexpensive phone charger and realize you need...

Key Board

Why the Reboot is a fix-all

By finn on May 12, 2015

Ever wondered why turning your computer on and off seems to fix nearly every...