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Make your taxes less taxing

Make your taxes less taxing

By Robyn on March 15, 2017

Income taxes are due this year on April 18th.

Even with the best of intentions and a lifetime of experience, filling out a tax return can...

2014 Tax Year: What you need to know

2014 Tax Year: What you need to know

By finn on March 05, 2015

Unless you’re a financial early bird and already e-filed or mailed off your taxes, the upcoming April 15th due date is sneaking up. And...

Tax forms

Tax Tips for 2014

By Jessica on February 14, 2014

Are you aware of the new tax laws for 2014? Don’t worry, we can help. We asked Barbara B., a seasoned Tax Expert on JustAnswer, to update our...

Dice near the "income tax" space on a Monopoly game board.

Basic tax facts for sole-proprietor small businesses

Q: I am a very small independent photographer who made $1,500 over the past year. How do I pay taxes on that?

A: You could...