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Eating Snow

True or False: It's safe to eat snow

By finn on February 19, 2015

A handful of snow or two in the winter is a tempting treat, especially for little ones who like to imagine they’re eating homemade snow cones. But...

Shoveling snow and protecting your back

Protecting your back while shoveling snow

By finn on February 12, 2015

Medical experts on JustAnswer see a fair amount of back pain questions related to snow shoveling this time of year. While they’re able to offer...

Snow Blower

Common Snow Blower Issues

By finn on February 05, 2015

Not surprisingly, every late fall and winter we see a lot of questions on JustAnswer about snow blowers that have sat idle for several months in...

Car in Snow

How to avoid potential car issues in winter

By finn on November 18, 2014

As winter approaches, you need to make sure your car is ready for the change in weather and temperature. If you live in a snow laden...