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Child being vaccinated

Vaccines, exemptions and school

By Jessica on January 24, 2014

No matter how you feel about vaccinations and children, all parents and caregivers can agree that the decision about whether or not to vaccinate...

Alphabet blocks

Does my five-year-old have to start kindergarten?

By Jessica on January 23, 2014

In the U.S., it’s generally accepted that children start kindergarten at age 5. Which is to say that they can start kindergarten anytime within...

What should I do if my son is being bullied?

October 30, 2013

Q: Our good family friends have an 8-year-old son, Joe, who is the same age as our son, Bob. They go to the same school and have been good...

Young woman studying in a law library.

What does it take to become a paralegal?

Q: I am thinking about going back to school to pursue a new career as a paralegal. Can you please tell me what a paralegal typically does...

Young woman looking to the side with sad, serious expression.

How to get help for long-term effects of bullying

October 30, 2012

Q: I was bullied through most of my school life (I'm now 19), and I think it has really affected me in terms of the anger I still feel,...