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What to know before you go

5 tips for safe travel to the world’s greatest carnivals

By satomi on January 25, 2017

Mardi Gras, or 'Fat Tuesday' style carnivals are celebrated all over the world. From Rio de Janeiro to Venice, the Carnival season is a...

Let JustAswer help you to keep your home welcoming place

Keep your home a happy welcoming place during the holidays

By Monica on November 08, 2016


Today we have a few pointers on keeping your home warm and welcome through the holiday season.

Did you know that over 1000 people...

Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy Hazards: Kids + Pets

By finn on October 27, 2015

Remember the Halloween candy scare of decades past? When parents and children were warned to be wary of taking candy from strangers that...


How to keep everyone safe this 4th of July

By finn on June 30, 2015

Ready for the 4th this year? Before you venture down to your local fireworks stand, consider these numbers from a Consumer Product...

Pet Safety

Top tips on keeping your pet safe this 4th of July

By finn on June 25, 2015

While people might revel in the fireworks and festivities on the 4th...

credit cards

Protecting Your Privacy - Credit Card Data Breaches

By Jessica on November 04, 2014

As the holidays approach you will most likely be using your credit cards with more frequency and in new retail stores. If you recall,...

Front-side view of black Lincoln MKS with forest in background.

What is the safest sedan sold today?

Q: What is the safest car on the market? I'm a senior looking for a sedan or luxury sedan (2012 or 2013 model) that is safest in terms of...