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 Valentine's Day - All About Your Relationship

Valentine's Day - All About Your Relationship

By satomi on January 20, 2017

Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently in other cultures. In Japan, the celebration is about spoiling the man, rather than the woman...

Despondent man with face in his hands, sitting near a dock with stormy sea behind him.

How do I cope after being dumped?

Q: I have been in a committed relationship for 3 years. I am 60; he is 69. He dumped me a month ago for a woman he was engaged to 45 years...

Engaged couple: Blond, bearded man with brunette woman outdoors in sunshine.

7 signs that a couple is ready to tie the knot

By Tom Musbach on September 11, 2013

Knowing when the time is right to commit to marriage -- whether you pop the question or consider accepting a proposal -- is never easy. But...

Young woman on the beach at sunset, checking her cell phone.

Post-hookup dilemma: Does he pity me?

Q: A few years ago, I began a friends-with-benefits relationship. I eventually got attached and it ended on a weird note (at least for me...

Young couple seated next to each other at an outdoor cafe, having a tense conversation.

What is the gentlest way to end a dating relationship?

Q: I've been dating this woman (we're both 25) for nearly 2 months now; we've had at least 20 dates. How can I break up with her in the...

woman on sidewalk texting with her cellphone.

Why does my boyfriend ignore my texts?

Q: What should I do? My boyfriend is in France and never answers calls when he's abroad. I texted him this morning because I had...

Older couple in affectionate pose; man with beard is looking ahead.

Dating a widower: How not to be a 'substitute wife'

Q: I am currently dating a man who lost his wife through breast cancer 5 years ago. He has photos of her in every room, and I got quite...

Two gifts, stuffed animal, sangria, and 2 dozen chocolate-dipped strawberries

How to select an appropriate Valentine's Day gift

Q: I'm coming up on the first Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, and I want to get him something that will show him how much I love him....