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True or False: The F word makes the pain go away

By finn on September 16, 2015

Uttering a swear word when the hammer hits a finger or a bee stings feels nearly instinctual. Generally not an issue in the privacy of...

Headshot of male surgeon with scrubs on.

The classic symptom of gallbladder trouble

Q: My wife is having symptoms that lead us to believe she's having gallbladder trouble. She's been dieting for 6-8 months, most recently...

Palm of hand holding different kinds of pills (5)

What can ease pain, aid sleep for people with shingles?

Q: My husband, 79, was recently diagnosed with shingles, and the doctor prescribed Acyclovir. Calamine lotion seems to be helping with the...

Young woman with long hair placing a hand on the side of her neck.

Can you have fibromyalgia without tender points?

Q: Is it possible to fibromyalgia and not have tender points?

A: It is very possible to have fibromyalgia without any of...

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The best type of doctor to see for sciatica pain

Q: I am a 59-year-old male with occasional but daily pain in my lower right back that seems to radiate into my lower right leg. I have an...