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How to report ESPP stock sales on your tax return

Q: I sold ESPP stock all on one date, but I acquired all the shares over the last 6 years through a weekly payroll deduction. There is a...

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Taxes: How to tell if an adult qualifies as a 'dependent'

Q: I am trying to determine if I can claim my 20-year-old daughter as a dependent on my tax return. She was a student who lived at home...

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When to use Schedules C and E for your taxes

Q: When does a small business flow to a Schedule E and when to a Schedule C?

A: Schedule E is for situation where you have...

Timing a short sale and your tax return

Q: If I started the short sale of my home in 2012 but it closes in 2013, will I still be eligible for debt forgiveness under the 2007...

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Basic tax facts for sole-proprietor small businesses

Q: I am a very small independent photographer who made $1,500 over the past year. How do I pay taxes on that?

A: You could...