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Air Conditioner

10+ Hot Money-Saving Tips for Summer

By finn on June 11, 2015

 Splurging on far-away travels, road trips or festivals this summer?...


Water Saving Tips

By Jessica on November 11, 2014

While a large part of the country is seeing typical rainfall and even snowfall, the sunshine state of California is suffering from one...

Lovely new fireplace with scenic coastal views through adjacent floor-to-ceiling windows (in a bedroom).

3 steps for planning a large home repair project

When it comes to home repair, there's nothing more important than the planning process. Large repairs can not only be expensive, they can be risky...

Best ways to stop condensation on your windows

Q: How can I stop condensation on my windows at night?

A: The condensation is caused by low temperatures on the glass, and...

Room with bare hardwood floor, tan dog standing on hind legs and looking out the window.

What protective layer can I use on hardwood floors?

Q: I'm planning to turn my house into a rental. I have original hardwood floors that I'm worried that the renters might ruin. Is there a...

Screens for swing-out windows to keep bugs out

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Q: I...