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Several different brands of energy drinks on a shelf.

How safe is drinking many sugar-free energy drinks?

Q: Is it safe if I drink a lot of sugar-free Red Bulls?

A: No, it is not safe, even if you are drinking sugar-free.

Author (Sally) leaning on big chair where her mother is seated, facing forward.

How JustAnswer made Mother's Day a little brighter

This Mother's Day I'm very thankful that I can spend quality time with my 92-year-old mother, and JustAnswer has been a big help.

I have...

Family of men - father, three grown sons, and a preteen grandson - in group pic.

6 ways to avoid heart problems linked to family history

Q: I have a history of heart problems in my family. Dad died from his only heart attack at age 56. I'm 29 and overweight, but I'm trying...

Illustration of pink & red heart with squiggly line in front to mimic a monitor.

7 common symptoms of a heart attack

Being able to identify a possible heart attack in yourself or others can help save lives.

Here is a list of common heart-attack symptoms...

Two feet with swollen ankles in white socks.

How can I prevent swelling in my feet and ankles?

Q: What can I do to keep my ankles and feet from swelling? (I am already taking Lasix pills twice daily.)

A: The most...

Store shelf with several different brands of aspirin

Can a daily aspirin help treat varicose veins?

Q: Since a daily aspirin might prevent heart attacks and stroke, could it also help with varicose veins and spider veins in legs? Would it...

Doctor in lab coat next to monitoring machine. (Photo: Flickr/Lisa Brewster)

Ways to fight atherosclerosis without drugs

Q: What is the best way to cure atherosclerosis without resorting to surgical procedures or heart bypass surgery or pharmaceutical drugs...

Foods to avoid on a 'no salt' diet

July 18, 2012

Q: My husband was just diagnosed with congestive heart problems. The doctor says "no salt," and I've tried to eliminate excess salt and...

How bad are energy drinks for the heart?

By Tom Musbach on May 11, 2012

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