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Do wet heads catch colds?

True or False: Going outside with a wet head will make you catch a cold.

By finn on January 22, 2015

“Don’t go outside with a wet head!” Sound familiar? Most of us have been warned against leaving the house in winter with a wet head since we were...

Is MSG bad for you?

True or False: MSG is bad for you

By finn on January 15, 2015

A short history of MSG: Japanese scientist Kikunae Ikeda discovered MSG (monosodium glutamate) in 1908 when he wanted to know what gave dashi...

How much screen time is too much

Screen time limits: not just for kids

By finn on January 13, 2015

If you’re a parent, you likely hear a lot about limiting screen time. From 2 hours a week to keeping the screen time limited to 3 hours a day,...

Detoxing in the new year

2015 Health Tips: Detoxing isn't on the list

By finn on January 08, 2015

Planning on detoxing in early 2015? You might want to think again. Touted by some dieticians, nutritionists and fanatics, detoxing has become a...

Bottle of Olive Oil

True or False: Olive Oil

By finn on December 04, 2014

True or False: Olive oil goes rancid after a month on the counter.

Because of its healthy fat content and delicious flavor, olive oil has...

mustach cup

Movember Madness - Helping Raise Awareness for Men’s Health

By Jessica on November 03, 2014

It officially feels like the beginning of the holidays. Fall wreaths, cans of pumpkin and cinnamon sticks fill store shelves in...


How does one procure a bag of blood?

By Jessica on October 30, 2014

At JustAnswer we believe in providing access to Experts to any and all needing help or assistance. With Halloween approaching, we wanted...

Calorie Counting App

Is it Good for You? The Calorie Counting Debate.

By Jessica on September 23, 2014

Nowadays we are bombarded with the newest health fad, eating trend or dieting gimmick and it is borderline impossible to know if the...

Believe in yourself

Self Improvement Challenge - 5 things you can start doing today

By Jessica on September 15, 2014

We think it is important to always work on making the world a better place. Whether it is through charity, volunteering, donations or a...

Jar of Peanut Butter

True or False: Is refrigerating peanut butter dangerous?

By Jessica on August 28, 2014

Over the years I have heard from a number of people that you should never refrigerate peanut butter. The story goes that placing peanut...