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Front view of a boa constrictor's head.

Why has my boa constrictor refused food for weeks?

Q: I own a Hog Island boa constrictor. She is refusing food and shedding. It has been 5 or 6 weeks since she last ate a rat. What should I...

3 slabs of pork ribs roasting on the grill

What foods should I avoid while taking penicillin?

November 09, 2012

Q: My wife said that if you eat pork while on penicillin you will have serious side effects. Is that true? Are there any foods or drinks...

Closeup on cuts of meat on a grill; meat still showing redness.

Should pregnant women avoid barbecue?

August 03, 2012

Q: Is it safe for a pregnant woman to go to a barbecue? I'm a little worried since it's a danger to be around raw meat.