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 True or False: Food Myths Edition

True or False: Food Myths Edition

By Monica on January 06, 2017

We know many of you are concerned about your diet and healthy eating, but it’s hard to know which foods are good for you as advice seems...


True or False: Aphrodisiac foods really work

By finn on September 03, 2015

It’s a long-held belief, or possible truth, that certain foods boost your sex drive. Oysters, with their sensual shape and supposed...

Freezer Burn

What is freezer burn and how do you prevent it?

By finn on July 30, 2015

It has happened to everyone. You pull that perfect piece of meat out of the freezer to find out that it has been overrun by dreaded ice...


The 3 Steps to Grilling

By finn on June 04, 2015

Ready to be the king or queen of the BBQ this summer? Follow the below steps to get your grilled meat just right. Once you get the...

Avocado Pits

True or False: Avocado pits poisonous

By finn on March 12, 2015

The avocado is loved for its vitamin-D and fatty acid-rich pulp, but its pit is usually discarded and viewed not only as inedible, but also as...

Thanksgiving foods - pumpkin pie, stuffing, etc

Leftover Safety: Making the Thanksgiving Meal Last

By finn on December 02, 2014

For many of us, leftovers sit in our refrigerators filled with our good intentions of finishing them—saving us money, time, and most of all, waste...

Gummy bears

8 Tips to Help Curb Sugar Cravings

By Jessica on December 20, 2013

Q: I have impulse control issues when it comes to sugar, especially during the holidays! Any tips to help my cravings?


A brown-and-white Springer Spaniel standing in a shallow end of a lake, looking down.

Can we limit water (like food) for our dog?

September 23, 2013

Q: We ration food for our 6-month-old Springer Spaniel. She eats twice a day. May (or should) we do the same with her water? We live in an...

Boxes of Ensure under a "Live Well" banner at health food store.

Is it possible to live off Ensure Plus for 2 weeks?

Q: Is it possible to live off Ensure Plus for two weeks? I have some food allergies and am going to be traveling abroad so I was planning...

White pug eating a hot dog.

5 myths you should know about dog and cat foods

Do you know what's most important when reading nutrition labels on the food for your dog or cat?

Learn what to avoid in our recorded...