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Closeup of a white-and-gray face of a Shih Tzu puppy.

How to help a dog that's ingested anti-flea chemicals

September 09, 2013

Q: My puppy (Romeo) is a 9-month-old Shih Tzu. Two days ago I applied Advantage 2 for fleas. Now he is lethargic, not eating or drinking....

Closeup on the face of a young white-and-gold short-haired cat.

Why are my young cats losing hair near their tails?

Q: I have two female short-haired cats, 6 months old, and they are both losing hair on their back ends (from mid-back, around the tail,...

Wet cat perched on a bathroom sink. (Photo: Flickr/Amanda Smith)

Why is my cat twitching after anti-flea treatment?

Q: I applied Vectra for Cats on the base of my cat's neck, and he's been twitching from it. It seems to be keeping him from getting...