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 True or False: Food Myths Edition

True or False: Food Myths Edition

By Monica on January 06, 2017

We know many of you are concerned about your diet and healthy eating, but it’s hard to know which foods are good for you as advice seems...

Exposed belly protruding over a table, having an affect of excess flab.

Can I reduce excess, flabby skin without surgery?

Q: Is there a non-surgical way to reduce excess skin? I had lipo and also lost weight, and there remains excess skin on my abdomen and...

Woman holding up large coffee cup, ready to take a sip.

Why you should drink coffee (and how to brew it best)

In an effort to lose weight (or eliminate sugar, dairy or artificial sweeteners) many people are giving up coffee.  However, with a few easy tips...

Back of shirtless overweight man sitting on the beach with little girl.

How can I get rid of my 'man boobs'?

Q: I'm 65 and have "man boobs," and I would like to get rid of them. What can I do, and how much should I expect to spend on the procedure...