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White chicken perched atop a wooden box of hay, with some eggs in the hay.

5 tips for getting chickens to lay eggs in a box

September 04, 2013

Q: How do we make sure our chickens lay their eggs in the box? We just bought them as 18-month-olds and moved them from another town....

2 young yellow canaries sitting together in a bowl.

When should I move baby canaries to their own cage?

April 08, 2013

Q: I have a pair of canaries with four 3-week-old babies in a nest. The male and female are mating again and making another nest. Is this...

Two greenish lizards facing opposity ways, one is partly on top of the other.

Do any reptiles show affection for their babies?

Q: Do reptiles display any affection for their young?

A: That's an interesting question. The answer in most cases is "no...