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Closeup of a Yorkie's face.

My dog's cough is lasting weeks. What could it be?

Q: My Yorkie keeps coughing like he has something in his throat. What could it be? He is 6 months old and has been doing this for a couple...

Fluffy Shih Tzu looking up at the camera.

How can I help treat my dog's air-biting tic?

December 04, 2012

Q: My recently adopted Shih Tzu has an unusual tic. He looks up and bites into the air as if catching a flying bug several times a day. ...

Brown Dachshund sitting on a carpeted staircase.

I think my dog has kennel cough. What can I do?

November 15, 2012

Q: I believe my dog (Dachshund) has kennel cough, and it doesn't seem very serious. Do I need to take him to the vet right away, or should...

Young Yellow Labrador lying on its stomach, eyes slightly closed.

What could my dog's recurring skin infection be?

November 06, 2012

Q: My 11-month-old Lab is on her fourth skin infection. She gets them on her abdomen and takes antibiotics each time. (I can't remember...

Closeup of a brown dog's face lying comfortably on a couch.

4 stress relievers to curb your dog's fear of storms

By Tom Musbach on October 30, 2012

Large storms like Hurricane Sandy can stress out dogs, adding even more anxiety for your household.

But you can calm your dog through a few...

Closeup of white-and-black terrier, licking its lips.

What to do if your dog eats Halloween candy

October 18, 2012

Q: My dog Sasha, a 13-pound terrier, just ate about 7 peanut M&Ms and one "fun size" Twix bar from my stock of Halloween candies....

Closeup on the brown face of a Chiweenie puppy.

Is it OK for a puppy to have swelling after vaccines?

October 03, 2012

Q: My 10-week-old Chiweenie puppy was given a second set of puppy shots today in the hip area. About 3 hours later, swelling has developed...

Brown and white whippet, side view (Photo: Flickr/Seongbin Im)

Which type of teeth cleaning is best for my dog?

Q: Would anesthesia-free teeth cleaning be a better option for a 9-year-old whippet? He hasn't had a cleaning for about 4 or 5 years. Last...

Bassett hound near bowl. (Photo: Flickr/Dennis Hill)

Is it bad that my dog ate red velvet cake?

Q: My dog -- a female Bassett hound -- ate an entire red velvet cake 8 or 9 hours ago. She seems no worse for the wear. Should I be...

The heat is harming my dog. What can I do?

July 23, 2012

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