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Golden Lab resting on pillows near a TV remote.

Clues that help reveal severity of a dog's limp

Q: My 3-year-old Lab is limping. I am trying to determine if it is a bone break, muscular or other. Can you please assist?

White pug eating a hot dog.

5 myths you should know about dog and cat foods

Do you know what's most important when reading nutrition labels on the food for your dog or cat?

Learn what to avoid in our recorded...

Front view of German Shepherd running on a sandy beach.

Why does my German Shepherd run in circles?

Q: For the last few weeks my 6-year-old German Shepherd has run in circles as if trying to catch his tail. He does it almost to exhaustion...

Poodle trotting outdoors on a sunny, windy day.

The best diet for a picky, pregnant poodle

Q: My toy poodle, Diva, is about 39 days pregnant. The X-ray shows three puppies. But she is not eating much puppy food (which the vet...

Front view of a golden-colored dog lying on its belly.

My dog ate ibuprofen; should I be concerned?

April 04, 2013

Q: We suspect our dog, Buddy, ate ibuprofen. He is a 3-year-old mixed breed at about 40 lbs. He ate 200 mg dosage. He has thrown up but...

Closeup of Basset Hound looking hopefully upward.

What should I do if my dog ate chocolate cake?

Q: My Basset Hound, Ross, ate some chocolate cake. He seems to be doing OK and has been playing with our other dog. What do I need to do...

White and brown spaniel pup staring out a window.

How soon can my puppy go outdoors after her shots?

February 27, 2013

Q: I have a 17-week-old puppy that has all of her shots. She finished her last round last week. Is it too soon to take hour out on walks?...

Groundhog taking a step on a green lawn near the side of a house.

How to treat a dog wound inflicted by a groundhog

Q: My Jack Russell terrier got in a tussle with a groundhog and has a 3/4" cut on his upper mouth. (About 2 inches from his nose on the...

Alert Yorkie dog in front of a toy "emergency" police vehicle.

Could the lump on my dog's back be a tumor?

January 22, 2013

Q: My 5-year-old Yorkie has a hard bump on his back. When I took him to the vet last month, she said that I shouldn't worry about it. Now...

Black-and-white border collie mix named Oreo.

How harmful is an Oreo for my dog to eat?

Q: My dog (a 65-lb. Border Collie mix) just ate an Oreo cookie that dropped on the floor about 5 minutes ago. Should I try to induce...