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Bride and groom in mid-kiss during the wedding ceremony, as female officiant watches.

3 most common mistakes of newly married couples

By Tom Musbach on September 19, 2013

With nearly half of all first-time marriages in the United States ending in divorce, it's clear that many couples are making some serious mistakes...

Engaged couple: Blond, bearded man with brunette woman outdoors in sunshine.

7 signs that a couple is ready to tie the knot

By Tom Musbach on September 11, 2013

Knowing when the time is right to commit to marriage -- whether you pop the question or consider accepting a proposal -- is never easy. But...

Members of gay youth center pose with a gray-haired elected official (male).

Suggestions for parents when a child comes out as gay

Q: My son has just told me that he is gay. I know the general attitude is that it is the way a person is born. However, he has a memory of...

Young woman looking to the side with sad, serious expression.

How to get help for long-term effects of bullying

October 30, 2012

Q: I was bullied through most of my school life (I'm now 19), and I think it has really affected me in terms of the anger I still feel,...

Three young girls talking behind another's back. (Photo: Flickr/nist6ss)

How to help your kids overcome bullying

By Tom Musbach on August 14, 2012

As your children return to school, some of them may face incidents of bullying. Are they prepared? Are you?

In this article, two counseling...