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Halloween with JustAnswer, Trick or Treat

How to keep your kids safe on Halloween

By Jessica on October 28, 2014

The fun of Halloween always seems to creep up right as the shorter days and colder weather arrive, helping us adjust to the winter that...

Stop the Bullying: What Bystanders Should Do

By Jessica on October 02, 2014

There has been a tremendous amount of media coverage on bullying, but sadly this has not done much to stop the bullying. We all know...


Children and ADHD

By Jessica on January 28, 2014

Children are naturally very active small people, and each child exhibits a different level of energy unique to him or her. However, when an...


How much sugar is ok for my child?

By Jessica on January 28, 2014


As we all know by now, too much sugar can lead to weight gain and health problems because, as explained by Lindie, a...

Child being vaccinated

Vaccines, exemptions and school

By Jessica on January 24, 2014

No matter how you feel about vaccinations and children, all parents and caregivers can agree that the decision about whether or not to vaccinate...


Peanut allergies: what you need to know

By Jessica on January 24, 2014

In the last few decades the peanut, a once-popular airplane snack, has become somewhat better known as a potentially fatal food. To some, the...

Homeopathic Remedies for ADD?

By Jessica on December 10, 2013


Q: Is there a general homeopathic remedy for ADD? I refuse to continue my child on stimulant...

Young boy dressed in tan tuxedo mugging for the camera.

How do I tactfully exclude kids from my wedding?

Q: I would like to not have children at my wedding. What is a respectful way to say this in the invitation? I might consider providing an...

Young girl checking her smartphone while walking next to adult woman.

What app can I use to monitor my kids' phones?

Q: What app or software can be used to monitor my children's new smartphones? (Easier and cheaper is best)?

A: MobiStealth...

Jack-o-lantern carving of a grinning goblin.

How to help a child with recurring nightmares

Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are hallmarks of Halloween, but they can stir up nightmares and other anxieties for kids that last longer than the...