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Cat on a scratching post

Get the claws off the couch

By Jessica on January 16, 2014

The back of your favorite chair, the arm of your expensive couch; kitties with a serious hankering for claw sharpening seem to have a sixth sense...

Closeup on a siamese cat's face, with very blue eyes.

What to do if one male cat bullies another

August 29, 2012

Q: My male Siamese cat ("Mitzu") has started preening, entire body, excessively since we adopted another, younger male cat 6 months ago....

2 skinks sunning on a rocky surface. (Photo: Flickr/pfly)

How to get rid of skinks near your home

August 23, 2012

Q: How do I kill or get rid of skinks?

A: Both cats and king snakes eat skinks. The snakes won't go where humans are and...

Wet cat perched on a bathroom sink. (Photo: Flickr/Amanda Smith)

Why is my cat twitching after anti-flea treatment?

Q: I applied Vectra for Cats on the base of my cat's neck, and he's been twitching from it. It seems to be keeping him from getting...