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Wedding invitation with gold-leaf heart on it.

Are there guidelines for planning a second wedding?

Q: I am a widow trying to plan my second marriage. The children are grown and happy for me. We are having a civil ceremony with an...

wedding guests and family gathered around a bride on a red carpet.

Can I wear white to a bride's second wedding?

Q: Can I wear white to a wedding? It's a second marriage for both parties, on a Friday evening with the ceremony and reception at a golf...

Young boy dressed in tan tuxedo mugging for the camera.

How do I tactfully exclude kids from my wedding?

Q: I would like to not have children at my wedding. What is a respectful way to say this in the invitation? I might consider providing an...

Bride and groom at the altar; she has white veil over her face.

Why every bride should hire a wedding planner

As a Expert wedding planner, I'm very used to couples asking why they should bother hiring somebody like me to help with their marital ceremonies...