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Spring-cleaning is good for you

Spring Cleaning

Photo Credit: Flickr/Erica Wyrdling

Spring-cleaning is good for you

By Carolyn Hauck on March 24, 2015

Even if it’s still snowing where you live, come March, we all start to feel the urge to clean, purge and start anew in spring. This can mean different things to different people, so we asked Marc, a home improvement specialist on JustAnswer, where he would focus his cleaning energy this time of year. 

His answer in a nutshell? Focus on the dust. Over the course of winter while we keep our doors and windows shut and heat our homes through vents and heaters dust accumulates nearly everywhere. Here are a few recommendations from Marc to breathe a breath of fresh air into your home: 

1) Vacuum and mop the floors. Move furniture to get to corners and other areas where dust builds up. 

2) Clean in and around heating vents and baseboard radiators. If you have radiators in your house make sure to vacuum the inside of the radiator. Not only will this improve the air quality, but it will also increase heat output from the radiator. 

3) Vacuum and dust furniture including couches and mattresses to get rid of dust mites—tiny microscopic creatures that can live in our furniture and actually cause allergies.

4) Wash the walls, windowsills, and any trim in your house where dust tends to build up. 

5) Lastly, be sure to knock down cobwebs from corners and clean out ceiling lights. 

Focusing on dust removal this spring will not only make your house feel cleaner, but it’s healthy for you and your family, too. Dust removal improves the air quality in your home, which can help with respiratory issues, allergies, and not to mention, a clearer state of mind. 

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