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The quick, cheap way to grow a grass-filled lawn

Grass in a backyard lawn that is almost all grown in.

Recently planted lawn that is growing nicely. (Photo: Flickr/Joe Goldberg)

The quick, cheap way to grow a grass-filled lawn

March 15, 2013

Q: I moved into a house with no grass in the back yard. I think there was some a long time ago, as you can see little blades when it rains a little. What would be the quickest and least expensive way to get grass in there?

A: Depending on where you live and the amount of rain you receive year round, the quickest and least expensive way would be to lightly rake the soil to break up the top layer and then spread grass seed, suitable to your region (ask your local nursery/garden center for the best grass seed mix for your area).

Place a thin layer of straw over it to protect from birds and keep the seed from blowing away, and make sure it gets water and stays moist but not wet until it germinates. You should see new blades within a week and full germination within 2 weeks. Keep moist until it is well established.

When you mow the lawn, keep the lawn mower blade at a high setting to keep the grass blades longer. This helps the plant retain water and keeps soil more moist because it shades the soil more than short-cut grass. You should have a well-established lawn by summer's end.

-- Answer from Steve Giguere, landscaping Expert on JustAnswer.

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