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New iPhones, a watch and a whole new way to pay

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Photo Credit: Apple

New iPhones, a watch and a whole new way to pay


By Jessica on September 10, 2014

Apple was full of announcements yesterday about upcoming product offerings. Here is a recap of all the excitement.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Two new iPhones, which Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, called the “biggest advancement in iPhone.”

  • Larger: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches wide, respectively

  • Thinner: 6.9mm for iPhone 6, and 7.1mm for iPhone 6 Plus

  • Glass that curves around the sides

  • Three color options: gold, silver, black

  • Better displays with Retina HD

  • New buttons on the keyboard, including cut and paste keys

  • Horizontal display gets two columns

  • Home screen can be horizontal, too

  • Double-tap feature that makes it easier to reach buttons on a big phone screen

  • Display slides down so you can use it with one hand

  • 50 hours of audio playback for the iPhone 6; 80 hours for the iPhone 6 Plus

  • Three times faster WiFi capabilities

  • Make calls over WiFi if you don't have great cellular reception

  • You can make a call in the same way as you always would, and when you leave WiFi it will seamlessly transfer to your cell carrier.

  • Better camera: 8MP iSight camera and an all-new sensor to take better photos

  • New focus pixels technology that means faster autofocus

  • Image stabilization for shaky hands

  • Slow-mo video camera can do 240 frames per second

  • Improved battery life

  • Runs on iOS8

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

While many expected the first Apple wearable to be called the iWatch, Apple unveiled it as the Apple Watch. A few things to note about this wearable technology.

  • Must be used in conjunction with an iPhone

  • Compatible with the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S as well as the two new devices the 6 and 6 Plus.

  • Retina display

  • Touchscreen display (with Sapphire crystal in some models)

  • Filled with sensors to track things like your heart rate, daily activities and exercise.

  • New “digital crown” technology that can be used for navigation around apps

  • Two different sizes

  • Three different collections - the Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Arguably, one of the biggest announcements was Apple Pay. Marked as Apple’s first platform for mobile, on-the-go payments, Apple Pay will be part of the iOS8 update in October. A little insight into how this program will function.

  • Service using Passbook app and Touch ID

  • Scan your cards into your phone and they will be stored locally on your device

  • Apple will not store what you bought, where or how much you paid

  • Can be used within apps to make one-touch purchases

  • Roughly 220,000 businesses will accept it as a form of in person payment including McDonald’s, Walgreens, and Subway

  • Online payments accepted at Target, Uber, Panera, OpenTable (for your restaurant bill) and more

  • Launching exclusively in the US at first but Apple says they are looking to expand to more countries