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Natural treats you can feed to a parakeet

Hungry birds. (Photo: Flickr/Rich Young)

Natural treats you can feed to a parakeet

July 02, 2012

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Q: We have two parakeets that are on a parakeet diet, and we give them some commercial treats. Is there any natural treat that would be good for them?

A: Many people still feed a diet consisting mostly of seeds, but recent research has shown that an all-seed diet is not good for parakeets. Pellets, supplemented with various fresh and healthy "people foods," along with a few seeds make up a healthier diet.

Birds that are fed mostly seeds tend to develop fatty liver disease, tumors, and other health conditions. However, if your birds are used to eating mostly seeds, you'll have to convert them to pellets gradually. Check out this animal care site where you can get reliable information on feeding and care.

Many of the fresh foods we consider "people foods" that are good for our birds also make good treats. Fruits are great treats, as are cooked sweet potatoes and squash, cooked whole grain pasta, and peas. There are other ideas on the sites I linked to above.

-- Answer from Anna M., a biologist on JustAnswer.