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JustAnswer's free Ask Santa site is open!

empty desk and monitor in a festively decorated room.

Ask Santa headquarters.

JustAnswer's free Ask Santa site is open!

December 04, 2012

JustAnswer, the largest source for help from real Experts online, is hosting a fun, free Ask Santa website through Christmas Eve. Children everywhere are now able to write in their questions for Santa Claus.

Adults might also enjoy going to the site just to see the wide variety of questions that kids are asking. Some of the popular questions from last year include:

  • How do you fit presents enough for the whole world in one sack?
  • What is Mrs. Claus' first name?
  • What is your favorite cookie?
  • Why do you wear red?

"We've all been looking forward to the second annual Ask Santa site because it's fun to see the fascination children have with Santa Claus and the holiday season," said Andy Kurtzig, CEO of JustAnswer.

This year JustAnswer will donate $1 to JDRF for every question asked, up to $20,000.  JDRF is the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes research.