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How to stop a refrigerator beep after a power outage

Sleek side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator next to white counter with wine bottle and glasses.

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How to stop a refrigerator beep after a power outage

August 14, 2013

Q: I have a Frigidaire side-by-side model#GLHS38EJB0. My problem started after a power outage. Once power was restored the refrigerator has a constant beep. There is power to the fridge lights, no temperature display. I don't hear the compressor or the condenser fan.

A: So the only thing that would provide a constant beep with no temperature display is a bad display control board itself. Try to unplug the refrigerator for 5 minutes to see if the electronics will reset.

If that won't reset then below is a link to the control board you'll need to order and replace to fix the issue.

-- Answer from Tyler M., an appliance technician on JustAnswer.

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