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How old and valuable are my antique glass vases?

Pair of white glass vases with flowers painted on them.

Photo submitted by Pearl.com customer.

How old and valuable are my antique glass vases?

September 17, 2013

Q: I received a pair of these beautiful antique, almost transparent-like, green hand-painted vases when I was a child. They do not have a mark on the bottom. They are 12 inches tall. I am wondering about their age and their value.

A: You clearly have early 20th century (1900-1910) translucent milk glass (also called "opaline" glass, which is semi translucent, not totally opaque) which was likely manufactured in Murano, Italy, based on the form and style.

Most pieces of this era have either enamel painted on maker marks or foil or paper tags, both of which can wear or wash off over the years, do the determination of the actual maker is very difficult -- the pieces were manufactured by many makers in the era and in other regions as well, such as in Venice.

Based on current trends and recent sales, your pair of vases would retail from $250 to $400 pending actual condition and demand at any given time.

-- Answer from Steven C., an antiques appraiser on JustAnswer.

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